Pink Amethyst geode??

by Donna Albrecht

This is part of a very large geode. I was told it was pink amethyst in matrix. However the crystals inside, especially the ones shaped in ball clusters, don't look like any amethyst I've ever seen. What do you think?

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Apr 20, 2017
Pink Amethyst??
by: Doug


The picture is too small for me to get much detail. You can resend if you have a better photo. As for pink amethyst, I have never heard of or seen such an animal. Amethyst is purple, some lighter some darker. It is a type of quartz. When quartz is pink it is called rose quartz.

You are right to look at the shape of the crystals. I can't tell much about the crystal shape from this photo. Quartz forms 6 sided prisms with tapered ends if it has enough space. Check the shape of the crystals with a magnifying glass. Compare them to the white ones.

One other thing you can check is where it came from , if you know. Diferent locations are known for certain types of minerals. It is possible to find more than one type at a given site but usually geography can tell you what is likely in an area.

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