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About Us

We are Doug Mann and Claudia Mann, two teachers who simply love rocks, geology, and ancient relics of the past. We’ve been sharing them with our students for years, in fact, we were lucky enough to live in a part of the country that held a HUGE rock and mineral show every year, the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. We started taking our students to the show and learned some amazing things.

  • First, kids TRULY enjoy fossils, rocks and minerals. One of our students still keeps his free fossil from one of our trips right next to his bed! It has been there for five years!
  • Second, children’s vivid imaginations are ripe for the world of dinosaurs and other ancient relics. They love to learn about earth history and how life existed FAR “back in the day.”
  • Most of all, kids remember those lessons they hold in the palm of their hands. Putting a fossil, rock, or mineral along with a lesson almost assures remembrance and an inspiration to learn more.

Through our years as teachers, we think we have found some great ways to share rocks and minerals with kids…and now we want to share that information with YOU! If you’re a teacher or home-school parent, check out our Lesson Plans or go to any of our specific articles on rocks and minerals.

Thanks for visiting!

You may contact us at:
30735 Lilac Hills Lane
Valley Center, CA 92082

719 239-4285

Rocks and Minerals and Crystals for Earth Science Fun

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