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Nothing. What is this? Email is

Fossilized Gulf Stream Coral 
I have about 300 pieces of fossilized Atlantic Ocean corals. Rose- Brain and many others I’m interested in know more, about them. We have sold a few …

Daniel R. Valdes 
I'm really not sure I see a lot of gold streaks silver streaks bronze. As far as I know it could be fool's gold or whatever that's why I'm contacting …

Daniel R. Valdes 
I'm really not sure I see a lot of gold streaks silver streaks bronze. As far as I know it could be fool's gold or whatever that's why I'm contacting …

It has a belt like shape all around the rock

Round egg rock 

What is this rock??? 
I found this rock in the Thames and I really want to know what it is; no one at my university knew and they are curious now too!!! I would appreciate any …

Help determine 
I sand off a. White crust off this rock and when u look closly on it it is covered entirly with little crystal or some glassy specks all over...

gems and diamond  
Diamonds were formed billions of years ago through a combination of tremendous pressure and temperatures of 1652–2372 degrees Fahrenheit at depths between …

Can you identify this? 
I was previously told, it was 477G of natural green chalcedony grape agate. Is this true ir is it something else. Very interesting looking. I have seen …

Kathy Allshouse  
Lake Erie find today! No clue what it is any takers? Pink white aqua and brown

Strange White and Silver Rock hamburger 
I was walking around the provinces in the Philippines and after Typhoon new water courses had formed. A lot of new rocks were exposed. I dont know what …

What rock is this?  
Found in Ontario, Canada in the forest.

Weighs 13 lbs looks like a green pudding rock found in northereast mi.

Yellow , polished and cut I am unsure what it is

Sparkling black smooth rock 
If anyone knows what this is please let me know

Can you identify this rock 
What is this black mineral? Seems to have formed at same time as the quartz. Streak is light gray. With some difficulty I can scrape it with my fingernail, …

Green and black rock 
Found several rocks and am just learning and would love help identifying. Thank you

Green rock 
Found several rocks and am just learning and would love help identifying. Thank you

Help with identification 
I have this crystal that I got from my great grandmother's collection, I have no idea what it has quite a bit of brown webbing within the green.

Gold or Pyrite ? 
I was given a bunch of rock and it looks like it may have gold in it but I would like to find out for sure. The rock is really heavy and does not have …

Stone found in Wales UK 
found on a beach in LLandudno in Wales, UK, washed up by the waves

Need help to identify 
I found this rock in the Kern County area in CA. Found it in the desert, I polished it a bit. Anyone tell me what this could be? Thanks

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Weird black rock with gems 
it looks like an arrowhead. and found behind my house

What rock is this 
Please help  
Found 7-8 ft. below surface in Dakota

Black Beauty 
Found this on a beach in AC, NJ yesterday...

Possible Agate Geode 
I would just like hlep identifying exactly what this beautiful specimen is!

Andrew’s Rock’s for Science  
It is found in Griffin Georgia area. It is from a quarry.

Found on West Runton beach in Norfolk, England

Help Me Identify 
I found this in a box of rocks someone had left behind in an old barn. I assume it came from the nearby region. I am located in the Tri Cities WA. I just …


I got this over 30 years ago and have never known what is was. I dont know if the color shows very well but it is very pale blue and clear. I would call …

Iron ? 
This rock was found near Glenwood City WI. It is highly magnetic and sets off my Metal detector. I am not familiar with different types of rock but I love …

M. Khan 
I found this rock in a river

What am I? 
I found this stone/rock near the badlands in South Dakota. It was in a parking lot in Wall. It is very smooth, has an almost oily or waxy feel. It has …

Interesting Agate? - found on Mackinac Island, MI?? Help!  
I found this rock on the northern shores of Mackinac Island last weekend along with some gorgeous banded chert/flint. It caught my eye immediately. Is …

I found this rock at 10,500 ft in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. It is non magnetic and it has no effect on my metal detector. Any help identifying this …

Found in manasa va 
It is transparent very sharp edges. Not sure what type of rock it is. Just want to find out

What kind is it 
From South Dakota.bought a storage shed had Indian artifacts in it

Help what type of rock is this? 
Found in Hemet California

What is this 
Is this basalt. Its magnetic and extremely heavy.

Unique Rock 
Nothing but an Amber type color with a rainbow type appearance

This was found in Rocky mountain national park I was wondering if it was broke in half would it have a crystal like interior?

Green non metallic  
Found in desert...Utah

Black rock with glassy crust 
I found it on a beach in Argyll on 12th August 2020, about the same time as the persied meteor shower. The block is a rhomboid shape with one narrow edge, …

Does anyone know what this is 
It’s very sharp and has cut me twice the color looks like rose quartz but the whole thing look like it’s made of tiny pieces of pink glass. Please tell …

mysterious rock 
5 inches x 2 inches x 2 inches. non-magnetic. some filing performed on rock. very heavy for its size. found in a field. any ideas?

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This stone is helpful for calming the heart, grounding heart energies and recovering from addictions.

crystal rock 

Cortney’s rock 
My daughter found this rock near Savannah Tennessee

Trying to identify. 
My daughter found this in Raleigh, NC. She is 5 and is dying to know..and i have no idea. Thanks 😁

Trying to identify. 
My daughter found this in Raleigh, NC. She is 5 and is dying to know..and i have no idea. Thanks 😁

1970's Arizona copper mines 
It was extracted from an Arizona copper mine in the early 70's from a friend who worked as a core driller. It is light green and has attached to light …

Gold ore? 
I got these specimens from my local mountains in the coachella valley, i did research and prospected for 2 months and think i finally found what i was …

What is it, rock was polished on side no one can tell me 
Found in south Carolina in gold mine.

purple stone id  
trying to identify this if anyone can help!

what is this crystal 
i don't know what it is

Pete Johnson 
Came from NW ALABAMA

Can someone ID this for me  
I would like to know what kind of stone this is I stumbled upon a cave with a huge cavern filled with more of these Crystal's it's amazing email me at …

What is this? 
Don't really know anything about it. It has little gold flakes in it though.

Black rock with gold 
I would like to know if this is worth anything it's a very heavy black rock with gold glitter looking all through it it also has blue and purple hues in …

Unusual rock 
I know nothing about this rock. I'm hoping someone else can tell me what it is.

Need help identifying this crystal 
This was given to me, but I’m not sure what it is. I’m thinking clear quartz, but I’m not sure.

Need identification 
I really don't know anything I just found it in a river while swimming in Fredericks burg it looks rather see through but I don't know if it's a rock or …

What is this stone.  
Hi I found this stone but I don't what it is, please help me.

What is this crystal? 
Not sure picture show more than i could tell :)

Identify minersls please 
Its black like crystal in shspe

Blue shiny rock 

This item is about 1 foot long or longer and very interesti just dont know exactly what it is???? Found along rock bank on creek in Kentucky.

Got rock from grandfather and would like to no how to sell it and how much it's worth

What is it.  
Found in my yard this morning. Thought maybe slag?

My Rock 
My rock is white and has black spots. But I dont know what it is. Is it a mineral?

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Found this in woods 
I know nothing about what I found today it could be nothing but I would like to know about this looks to be a translucent Amber glossy texture …

What is this??? 
Found in east tennessee by one of my grandparents when plowing, came out of the ground looking just like the picture... smooth, mayne even tumbled pitch …

Can you help me identify this black mineral (Crystal)? 
About 8" long About 2" thick Has 2 black crystal formations on it that are rectangular and hollow Semi- flat on one side Completely black. No other …

Need proper identification for 
I know or think one of my samples may be platinum gold ore, the rest please help

Please help. Found in Lincoln Montana 
Lincoln Montana Blackfoot river

My rocks 
I don't know anything about these stones I would like to find out if they are worth anything. Thank you

What is this rock? 
I have inherited my grand fathers rock and minéral collection, therefore I could not tell you where this one was has a two tiered green layered …

What are these worth? 
Chalcocite crystals from My Gordon copper mine in QLD Australia. What co u ld they be worth and are they in demand for collectors.

Found on the shore of Lake Huron 
Somewhat translucent, rather smooth.

Hi, just found this on the beach and wondered if it’s quartz. I’ve looked for similar pictures online, but nothing quite like it has come up. It has some …

Any clues what this could be.... 
I found it in Lucerne valley California not sure if that’s where it was originally from because there were a lot of nice rocks in a big pile maybe a rockhounder …

Not sure what it is...garnets possibly 
It was the size of a softballl when I found it in Lucerne valley California I decided to break it apart probably not the smartest move because it’s beautiful, …

Can you help me identify what kind of marble this is? I found it in northern Michigan.

I am not sure what type of rock this is 
Can someone help identify this rock. I am not sure what type it is?

Unknown "rock" I found 
I don't know much about it other than it's heavy extremely odd-looking but other than that I know very little

Please tell me what these are called 
These beautiful green rocks were found in my backyard in Long Island New York. Can you please give me any information on them ?

What is it? 
I found this and have never seen anything like it any info helps or where I can tak it To find out ?

Maria Bierbauer 
It looks like Mica or Marcasite or ? Was a gift !

Unsure what this is 
It's magneticlooks a little gold and has small zig zag lines or spider veins in it...and is very heavy

Very unique I just like to know what this is calledrock 
Very unique I just like to know what this is called

I hope it’s a medterit  
It’s shrinking it’s very heavy and it’s attacks to magnetic

I'm looking for someone to help me identify this what is the gold color?

Six sided rock crystal 
Found this rock digging in my yard in HYDABURG Alaska

Pyrite is also known as fool's gold, it's name "pyrite" is after the Greek "pyr" meaning "fire." because it sparks. Pyrite is considered the most common …

Can somebody give me insight 
Hi I’m very new to collecting and learning about rocks, gems and minerals. I was wondering if you can give me some insight about this turquoise a family …

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These rocks were found in my back yard can anyone help me out with identifying them.

Rockhound Jen 
This rock I found in an area near Senoia, GA. The rock was bigger than it is now but I broke some of it off to separate some of the black stones from the …

What is this rock?  
I don’t know anything, it was given to me.

I dont know what is this type of stone could you please help me?

Carmen’s rock 
It appears to be local “ironstone“ we find on the Alabama gulf coast. It is hard and heavy, and rust colored. Looks exactly like ostrich leather only giant. …

Had it in a rock box for years didn't know what it was till U washed it last night and a green clay washed off showing this..I was shocked What is it. …

What is it ...whats it worth? 
I don't know much about it it was found in the Ohio River Valley in Southern Ohio I've never seen anything like it before and I was just wondering if it …

Name of this mineral rock 
Dear sir Please let me know the name of this mineral rock. Regards Manoj naidu

Quartz crystal geode 
Found doing demolition on a house in chowchilla California. I think it’s a mud fossil or something there is sand that seems to keep coming from inside …

Could someone tell me what this is please  
I would be really interested if someone could let me know what this is.

Lake Superior  
These were picked up just north of Grand Marias, Minnesota on the shore of Lake Superior. I was perusing your site and came across jaspers and am beginning …

Very reflective silver within quartz  
Boy, I cannot say much since I found it in our landscaping. However, it has a lot of the very reflective silver in it. The silver colored elements show …

I don't know anything really about it other than it looks a whole lot different than any"Rock" I've ever seen

Terracotta or rock?  
I'm not sure what this is. I don't it along the Long Island Sound in NY. It's solid, heavy in weight. Brownish clay color with darker spots throughout. …

Rocks from Central India 
Specimen 1- Hardness >6, No streak, non-magnetic, no acid reaction, specific gravity- 2.6 Specimen 2- , No streak, non-magnetic, no acid reaction, specific …

Can someone identify this ? 
Found in creek in Boyce Louisiana it has Yellow, pink,white,red,and brown colors with polished look

Shell type pattern 
I found it on the shores of Lake Huron in Ontario

What is this metal? 
I found what I thought was a rock but my metal detector beeped on it lol, I'm sorry I know nothing about metal, a magnet will not stick to it.any information …

Fire Opal 
This is an Opal. I've been told that the red part is also Opal, there is Fire Opal mixed in.

Green Tourmaline or Emerald??  
I've had this specimen for many year. I've been told it is either Green Tourmaline or Emerald. It is about the size of a lemon.

What is this rock? 
I found this rock in the White Mountains in NH and I picked it up for it's interesting shape. It's approximately as hard as a quartz sample I have. In …

Really know nothing. Just that I like it and would love to find out what it is.

Beautiful rock looks kind of like Ellensburg Blue??????? 
I don't know alot about this rock except it was found in Wa. Or Arizona area I think. The rock is reddish brown, different shades of blue green, white …

estate sale beauty 
I bought it in California know nothing about it other than it's beauty

Dimension: 6.9 cm Locality: Borieva Mine, Madan mining area, Rhodope Mountains, Smolyan Oblast, Bulgaria Notes: Associated with Galena and Quartz; …

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Mystery mineral from Marathon, TX 
I found this while rockhouding outside of Marathon, TX on a pay dig. The piece seems to be growing around the darker stone and has a smooth, pebbly texture. …

What is this rock 
Found on a gravel pile for a road, i belive it may be iridium but not sure it is light but very hard, porous and will nearly cut glass with ease

help me here 
what kind of rock is this

I don't know what is this 
I don't know what is this stone name so please help me.

Rock Band 
Nothing but it feels from another planet . I've always been attracted to rocks , stones . I even had a pet rock as child . Found this while landscaping …

What is this?? 
Its silverish pinkish brownish?? Could you plz tell me what this is

Lucky pearls gallery 
I think I know it's pyrite and if so it would still make a nice table piece.

Lucky pearls gallery 
I'm not sure but I think it could be Platinum it is very heavy non-magnetic barely . It is one piece of a very big piece

Help identifying this  
Nothing really besides it is quite lite and has a gold tone

Pink Amethyst geode?? 
This is part of a very large geode. I was told it was pink amethyst in matrix. However the crystals inside, especially the ones shaped in ball clusters, …

I found this in the mountains of Colorado. I think it is actinolite.

I am looking to know what this is. I do know this, it's not as heavy as it looks, it sounds hollow, it sounds like glass when tapped on, it has no taste, …

These are specimens found in SW Colorado. One has a 'geode' crystalline structure inside, the others are smooth inside. Each are parts of a larger piece. …

Pyrite Not rated yet
Pyrite is also known as fool's gold, it's name "pyrite" is after the Greek "pyr" meaning "fire." because it sparks. Pyrite is considered the most common …

My beautiful Jade carved head Not rated yet
It's worth alot of money

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