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What is this rock?

by Rose
(Monroe, LA, USA)

I found this rock in the White Mountains in NH and I picked it up for it's interesting shape. It's approximately as hard as a quartz sample I have. In addition, it is weakly magnetic, enough for a magnet to stick to it but, not enough to overcome gravity if you move or tip the sample at all. I did not observe any streak, my guess is that it is too hard to produce one. Also, it is fairly dense for a sample this size- I don't have an accurate way to measure it, but is much heavier than the granite, limestone, and sandstone samples I have of approximately the same size

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Feb 21, 2019

by: Douglas

Rose I can't tell you much about this rock. I did find this about the geology of the White MTS, NH

Basically it says that the rocks from that area are mostly granite and volcanic rocks overlain with glacial till. It sounds like you have eliminated the first 2. The glacial till is the wild card. it could be almost anything! I would guess an iron ore or possibly loadstone. It looks like a rock within a rock. maybe a concretion wrapped around another rock. Are both parts equally magnetic?

Maybe one of our visitors will be able to add more info on your specimen.

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