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Carbonates come from the combination of carbon, oxygen, and a metal or semimetal element. This group of minerals is soft and easily dissolved by even mild acids. Some of these minerals form by the acidic action of air and rain.
Carbonate Minerals
Calcite Malachite Rhodochrosite
This is a common mineral with many forms. Pictured above is Iceland spar. This clear calcite is also known as optical calcite. It is valued for its unique light refracting qualities. Malichite is a copper carbonate mineral. It usually form as a tarnish on copper ore. It is valued for its rich green color and is used in jewelry and ornamentals. Rhodochrosite is a manganese carbonate mineral. In its purest form it is a transparent rose red, but this is fairly rare. It can also be formed in stalactites.

Mineral Classification

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