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Examples of Common Metamorphic Rocks

The table below shows examples of common metamorphic rocks. Clicking on the name of the rock will bring up a larger picture and a description of the rock type in a new window. Remember these rocks are formed under extreme heat and pressure. Learn more about metamorphic rocks here.

Examples of Common Metamorphic Rocks
quartzite Quartzite is a coarse-grained metamorphic rock derived from sandstone.
marble Marble is a metamorphic rock that comes from metamorphosed limestone or dolomite.
slate Slate is a fined grained metamorphic rock.
phyllite Phyllite is a fined grained metamorphic rock.
schist Schist is a coarse grained metamorphic rock.
gneiss Gneiss is a medium to coarse grained metamorphic rock.
Metamorphic Rocks

Classification of Metamorphic Rocks

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